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May I be your personal media, communication and marketing consultant?

Karl Heinz Nuber, born in 1951 in Austria, living in Switzerland since 1974, since 1984 self-employed as a journalist, publicist, author and consultant for the luxury watch industry. The first serious journalist who devoted himself full-time to the subject of luxury watches and timepieces. Various publications as well as publications of regular watch specials worldwide.

2005 Launch of the Tourbillon, the original Swiss watch and lifestyle magazine www.tourbillon-magazin.ch, 2009 Art of Tourbillon in Beijing www.artoftorbillon.com (latest issue in Shanghai) – a show and summit of complicated watches combined with an charity dinner and -auction for UHNWI, 2016 Tourbillon Blog www.tick-talk.ch. 2017 start with “TOURBILLON TV” Projekt, first youtube, target broadcasting.

Education: Study of economics and communication sciences, sociology in Vienna. Degree as Dkfm.

Professional background: Worldwide at various advertising agencies, including Junior Copywriter, Senior Copywriter, Creative Director, Managing Director, CEO, Member of Board, Member of Directors;

Program Manager in a CI (Corporate Identity) agency in Switzerland and UK, responsible for key accounts BMW, Swissair BAT.

Development of an own consulting concept «Managing by Corporate Identity», publication in Harvard Manager.

Head of central communication in a conglomerate, after 3 months promotion by the Chairman to CEO / President of a Swiss conglomerate with 50 different companies, Personnel responsibility 2,500 employees, Financial responsibility 1.7 billion Swiss francs, also personal advisor to the Chairman of the Board, responsible for Implementation and implementation of ideas of the Chairman of the Board, M & A and restructuring of the decentralized into a central organizational structure, installation of profit centers, etc., After the demise of the Chairman starting 1984 official Self-employment with its own brand & content consulting office in Zurich.

Today I am a «silver worker», watch-expert, watch-veteran, horological writer, entrepreneur, networker, lobbyist ………, I am proud of that, because «silver» is the «new gold» in the consulting business.

My three passions – writing, traveling and collecting – I have still retained. I like writing, observing and writing for my life. I’m also fascinated by travel and foreign cultures, because foreign cultures open the horizon. Another passion has influenced me in the course of my life: the collecting, nothing is safe from me, art, wines, cigars, vintage cars, watches, books , Fashion, jewelery – I am not content with collecting alone, I want to acquire the knowledge, so that I can pass on the know-how of the passions in the form of seminars for a fee. Marketing is in my blood.

Karl Heinz Nuber
Karl Heinz Nuber
Graduation rings // Abschlussring
Graduation rings
Familienwappen der Familie Nuber seit 1251
Family coat of arms of the Nuber family since 1251