In the age of mass consumption, the demand for total personalization is growing. Again, we support our
UHNWI clientele, whether you want tailor-made shirts, suits, shoes, belt buckles, cufflinks, we have the
contacts and organize everything for you.


How did I meet the protagonist of TF est 1968, it is difficult to understand, you just know each other in the watch & jewelery industry and you like each other or not. For Freddy Tschumi, born in 1968, it was “a liking at first sight”, because Freddy Tschumi is a man who has the style in his blood. In addition, the born Lucerne has a very good taste, Mass carries since his youth with a matter of course. The Geneva jewelery and watch manufacturer De Grisogono and the watch manufacturer Raymond Weil were stations of Freddy Tschumi, where he gained a lot of valuable experience. “In both companies, I learned a lot, discovered the world and made helpful acquaintances,” recalls Chumi. For both companies, I am grateful, even if it was not always easy. If all goals were achieved, the money alone was no longer the goal. I am an ambitious person and always strive to make the impossible possible. I’ve always had my own business in my head. In 2004 it was finally time. During my time as a consultant, I raised various start-up watch brands and brought them to success. At the end of 2010 I had created the conditions to start my own brand: TF Est. 1968 Geneve Suisse. This was officially launched at Baselworld 2011. Today, TF est. Sold in 1968 at approximately 520 high-quality watch and jewelery shops worldwide. I’ve always been an accessory freak and bought innumerable cufflinks, writing utensils, tie pins, watches, leather accessories over the years for me. Now I’ve turned my passion into a business. For all accessories, our philosophy “in move” will be on the move, staying in motion, believably transported. For example, Tschumi posts “be stylish” as his own brand ambassador in social networks. When asked why he does this, he said: “Coco Chanel once said:” La mode se démode, le style jamais or Fashion is out of fashion but the style remains “.


I know Jean-Michel Davanzo from my first stays in Marrakech. At that time, I was allowed to rate the extensive collection of watches of the Moroccan Treasurer Minister in the guest house of the king “Royal Mansour” and a day later the collection of the king. The Moroccan Treasury Treasurer’s Watch Collection was impressive, one of the largest Patek Philippe collections. This was also the name of a Moroccan tailor Federico Banzola and the mass-maker Jean-Michel Davanzo, who originally comes from Paris, where he spent years the models of the big shoe brands such. JM Watson, Berluti (now in the possession of Louis Vuitton and playing field of the Filius of Bernard Arnault, Davanzo had a dream, he wanted his own shoe brand and realized his dream of the brand Vincini Bottier.) Looking into his order book, what an absolute secret 90% of the well-known names of CEOs of Swiss luxury watch brands are mainly from Geneva Jean-Michel is uncomplicated, the harder the request, the greater his motivation He owns for example one of the largest leather stores, you will find every color, fine Calfskin or suede or even exotic leather, I’m proud to discover it.When we meet together, we like to go to “Dar Moha” (meaning home) – in the former mansion of the late fashion designer Pierre Balmain, eat what I eat You can highly recommend.


If Massimo is in a good mood, then you get his dream shirt. Sometimes he is not in such a good mood, then it needs annoying rework. So is Massimo Conforto from Bergamo. You have to live with that. But when the good is outweighs the other one. The born Italian is married for 26 years, has two children, a girl and a boy. He loves carne, pasta and dolce and wine. Years ago, he took over the company with seven employees, where he always had his shirts tailor, because the owner wanted to retire for reasons of age. He has not regretted this until today. “My credo is to produce the best Italian shirts to measure. All shirts are characterized by excellent workmanship. Every detail reflects our passion for the product shirt. This is also recognized by our long-standing customers, “says Massimo. To my question by which distinctive characteristics a Masshemd is distinguished he means: “fit, fabric quality and processing as for example, English simply quilted Kappnähte. The simple seam makes the fabric smoother and less wrinkled. The manufacturing process is much more complex and requires the highest degree of precision.


Our TOURBILLON English editor Tim Mureau made me known Sandro Dühnforth, the Hamburg men’s fashion blogger Philipp Schneidewind, has especially recommended Sandro’s male tailoring to me.

The gentleman master tailor Sandro Dühnforth developed the fine eye for style and dress code in the workshops of the time-honored monastery woman mountain in Fulda. Here he internalized his pronounced sense of disciplined millimeter loyalty.

Since 2012 Sandro Dühnforth has been inspiring stylish gentlemen from all over Germany with tailor-made suits based on traditional craftsmanship.

As one of the last German men’s master tailors Sandro Dühnforth creates, together with his employees, durable and unique cultural goods that are worn by gentlemen in a flattering fit “Dühnforth” sees itself as a value factory, which has made it its mission to provide mass consumption a lovable alternative. Tradition, perfection and passion are the essential core elements that the Hamburg tailoring department shares with its culturally affluent customers.

The customers have the opportunity during the fitting in the transparent development process to get a glimpse and experience a piece of Hamburg craft culture. At “Dühnforth” measure is taken. But not only the body dimensions are crucial for the creation of a tailored suit. To get an expression of his personality made of fabric, the life story, the preferences and quality standards are also measured. Only when the tailor understands his customers, he can implement the image, which has the demanding gentleman in his ideas of itself.