«He who records reaps the rewards!» I'am Karl Heinz Nuber

«He who records reaps the rewards!»

Writing means linguistic crafting and communication. Both are my great passions since I can think and write. For me, professional writing means recognizing problems, developing a sense of language, and integrating the knowledge gained into one’s own practice in continuous writing training. No matter if I design a copy, a journalistic text, a script, or an information text.

For example, Franz Kafka wrote the story “The Judgment” on a single night: “The story came out of me like a real birth covered with dirt and mucus,” he writes in the journal. But that’s the big exception.

Writing is perfected by doing it. “Writing eight hours a day is not the safest way to write your dissertation,” says Joan Bolken in her entertaining writing guide, Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day. A quarter of an hour a day is feasible. When you do what you want to do, you create a sense of achievement for yourself. This makes writing fun, and so the daily writing time is extended by itself. Writing is part of developing a sense of ease.

Writing has then been learned when it has become a matter of course, as for me. Please put me to the test!